December 2015 Meeting

Gerald Bridle & Saddle Club Meeting: Dec 6, 2015; 5pm
Meeting called to order at 5:20pm by Pat Holland
Pat Holland, Mike.Link, Katrinia Box-Henson, Tim Henson, Kaden Henson, Jim Blaue, Wayne Straussner, Robin Schnebelen, Gerri Muldrow, Nick, Jessie and Laura Link
Old Business:
Election of officers: Before the election of new officers could take place the old members needed to suspend certain items in the by-laws in order to: allow new members to vote and run for office prior to being members for longer than six months. Motion was made, seconded and carried.
Election of officers: All positions up for re-election. Nominations for positions were made and seconded
President – Pat Holland re-elected (until he dies) by acclamation
Vice President – Jim Blaue was re-elected by acclamation
Treasurer: Mike Link & Katrinia Henson nominated. Mike Link was elected in a vote of 7/4 over Katrinia
Secretary: Gerri Muldrow was elected by acclamation.
Arena Locking:
Discussion of locking the arena for use by members only. Some people (not members) use the arena frequently and do not replace equipment and leave lights on. This creates unnecessary expense and wear on equipment used for events.
Motion was made and seconded to lock the arena and make it available for member’s use only. Those using it will need to join in order to continue use. Motion seconded. Vote on motion carried.
Donated Trophies:
The club has a bunch of trophies that have been donated to us and now we need to decide how to use them.
Discussion followed on how to best utilize these trophies. After much discussion we decided to use the bigger trophies for series year end awards and purchase tiny trophies from Hodges Badge to give to all the youth class winners at the shows. Adults will continue to receive only ribbons until the high point series champions are determined then all winners will get trophies.
We will have to have new plaques printed for the trophies and bear the expense of the tiny trophies for youth classes at the shows. Tiny trophies are expected to cost approximately $5.00 each when ordered in bulk. I’ve counted 5 youth classes per show – that doesn’t include lead line. That would be about $25.more expense per show. We do not have enough data to determine if this action will require and change in show entry fees.
Series Championships would be for Adult and Youth Pleasure and Adult and Youth Speed.
Treasurer’s Report:
Total balance $3091.
Parade of Lights
Will be this Saturday evening, Dec 12. Line-up is at 5p, Parade starts at 5:30p. Everything in the parade must be decked out with Christmas lights. Horses will be at the end of the line.
Bull Riding
There was considerable discussion over the Bull Ride regarding whether to run it ourselves or let the Ben Hurwitz run it.
• Running it ourselves: we pay the event $6500, have to pay extra insurance for the event ~$500, and we get all gate and cook shack.
• If the Ben runs it: He covers all expenses including extra insurance and gets the gate, we get the entire cook shack. And he rents the arena from us.
The discussion centered around getting enough sponsorship money to cover the $7000 we need to run the event ourselves and what we can reasonably expect to get back in return. If the weather is bad we wouldn’t get much gate but the cook shack will make money. If Ben runs it and its bad weather we still get the cook shack and haven’t lost any money.
Motion was made to call the question for vote and seconded. Vote was taken and it was decided (4/7) to let Ben run the Bull Riding Event.
Further discussion was held on what to charge for arena rental this year. It costs ~$150 per evening to run the lights for an event. In the past we rented the arena for $150 which doesn’t make any profit or cover any wear and tear. There were several suggestions on what to charge ranging from $250- $350. It was decided that $350 would be too much and a motion was made to decide between $250 & $300. Vote carried for $300.
Discussion was held on sponsorships. Last year we had some higher priced sponsorships that didn’t sell well. We hope that smaller sponsorship amounts will gain more sponsors. It was decided to add more sponsorship levels to the lower cost sponsorships. We need to get this information out to our sponsors in Jan so that they can commit to us. Adding levels at $150 & $250 was approved.
New Business:
Cook shack roof needs repairs. Ridge cap repair and soffit ends to stop birds. Snow Coat will insulate roof and costs $125 / 5gal. Suggestion to use brillo stuff for under the ridge cap and under the ridges of the metal siding instead of foam. Jessie has the brillo stuff and said is comes from Lanes. She will donate her surplus. Motion made & seconded to vote to fix the cook shack and put snow coat on the roof. Vote was taken and passed.
Motion to adjourn made and seconded at 6:50p.
Respectfully Submitted,
Gerri Muldrow, Secretary